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Resistance to pandemic situation: SICFL works together with overseas teachers, students and cooperating Colleges
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Facing the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College, under the strong leadership of the board of directors and that of the party and executives’ group, has always placed the safety and health of teachers and students in the first place, taking all measures actively to prevent epidemic diseases. According to the overall requirements of strengthening confidence, working closely, scientific prevention and control, and precise implementation, the school has been adhering to full mobilization, joint prevention and control and open policy. With hard work and great efforts, the current situation of campus epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, and the campus life is normal.

  In the most difficult time to fight against the epidemic in China, many foreign cooperator schools of our college immediately give sincere greetings and support to the school, and the school will always remember and cherish this friendship.

At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading all over the world, which poses great threats to the safety and health of people around the world, and poses great challenges to the public health and safety of the world. What we need most is firm confidence, concerted efforts and united efforts. While strengthening international cooperation in an all-round way, the school will gather the greatest joint force to overcome the difficulties, do our best to care for and help overseas teachers and students, and continue to make full efforts to defeat this serious infectious disease that mankind is facing together.

1. Fight with you

When the domestic epidemic was raging, our school's epidemic prevention and control work was closely cared and helped with goods and materials by cooperator universities such as South Korea Injong University, South Korea Chonbuk National University, Japan Oshima University, Japan Kyushu Kitsu University, Japan Osaka University of economics and law, Japa Osaka daodu University and so on! These overseas institutions have made positive contributions to the epidemic prevention and control work of our university.

(Teachers from Japan Kyushu Kitsu University actively raise epidemic prevention materials)

Working together to fight the pandemic, our school has made the best use of all the donated anti-pandemic materials in the school epidemic prevention and control. We have passed on the benevolence, warmth and true love of the cooperating colleges to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, strengthened our confidence, achieving a great success in the school epidemic prevention and control work with all our efforts, and won the battle of epidemic prevention and control together.

2. How are you doing abroad?

Although thousands of miles away, the true feelings of a line lead. At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading all over the world. Schools are very concerned about the learning and living conditions of overseas students. Under the guidance of the school epidemic prevention team, the foreign affairs department pays close attention to the epidemic situation of our embassies abroad, provides the latest and most authoritative information on epidemic situation for overseas students, and expresses concern and wishes to overseas teachers and students. We encourage everyone to strengthen their confidence and scientific epidemic prevention. No matter where they are, the school is always their strong support. The school tries to provide cloud help, guidance and care for international students, aiming to help them improve their personal protection ability and boost their anti epidemic confidence.

2.1 Establish a communication mechanism with students abroad

Keep good communication with the students in our school through wechat.

Ensure that our students have access to medical services in a timely manner.

 confirm the insurance coverage of our school students.

Make sure that the students in our school do a good job in daily protection.

 warn our students to follow the instructions of the embassy and consulate, follow the arrangements of the school and teachers, pay attention to personal safety, and avoid going out and gathering.

Strengthen the contact between our students and the teachers and parents in charge of our department.

Issue letters of condolence to strengthen the psychological dredging of students in our school.

2.2 Establish a smooth channel for students who plan to return to China in advance and prepare for the follow-up work in advance

In countries with serious epidemic situation, we need to establish safe passage for students who are willing to return to China and help them go through the procedures of returning to China. At the same time, the students are required to actively cooperate with the medical staff to accept the test when they enter the country, and isolate them according to the requirements. They are not allowed to return to school before the formal opening of school. According to the attendance records and credit certificates provided by overseas institutions, the academic affairs office, the foreign affairs office, the student office and the students' departments of our University jointly work out the later learning plan and graduation process for returned students.

2.3 Cooperate with relevant departments to update the reported information in real time

In order to do a good job in the investigation of the inbound epidemic situation, the foreign affairs department submitted the data of our school's students abroad and reported the latest immigration information to the Municipal Education Commission, the municipal immigration and Huinan town police station in real time.


 3. We are waiting for you to come back safely!

Human beings are a community of shared destiny. Viruses do not know borders or races. With the increasingly severe development of overseas epidemic situation, our university sent a letter to the international cooperation colleges and universities to extend sincere greetings and sincere wishes to all the teachers and students of the overseas cooperation colleges and universities who are also in a difficult period, and thank the cooperation colleges and universities for their care and help in our school's anti epidemic work. We hope to work hand in hand to overcome the difficulties.

 Source|  Foreign Affairs Office

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