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The 2nd “Fu Lei Cup” Translation Competition Awarding Ceremony Held
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On Oct. 18, 2014, the 2nd “Fu Lei Cup” University Students’ TranslationCompetition Awarding Ceremony was held in Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College. There are altogether 13 students from Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College and Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages (Taiwan) and this is the first time for the students from two institutions taking part in this event.

The Awarding Ceremony was presidedover by Professor Zhu Shichang, Vice President of Shanghai Industry &Commerce Foreign Language College. Present on the occasion were Dr. &Professor Niu Jian, the Secretary General of Advisory Committee of Foreign Language Teaching in Vocational Education, Ministry of Education, P.R. China,Professor Lu Jing, Vice Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission,Madame Qian Yun, Chairwoman of the Board of SICFL, Professor Zhu Yixing, President of SICFL, Vice Presidents and Vice Secretaries of SICFL, Mr. Huang Ping and Mr. Zhou Chunlin and Dr. Huang Cuilin, Dean of Translation from WenzaoUrsuline University of Languages (Taiwan), who presented the awards to the winners from the two institutions.

In her opening address, Madame Qian pointed out that Fu Lei is an outstanding and eminent translatorand educator in China. “The Fu Style Translation”, which is featured by his thorough understanding of the original works and his recreational endeavor intranslation process are highly revered by his readers and highly praised by his contemporaries. “Mr. Fu Lei”, Madame Qian stressed, “has exerted far-reaching impact on the translation circle in China. ” “Fu Lei Cup” University Students’ Translation Award,” Chairwoman Qian added, “has already triggered much interest among students in learning foreign languages and participating in translation practice, which in turn has produce much positive effect on various kinds of work in SICFL.”

Dr. Professor Niu Jian delivered a warm and exciting speech. In his speech, Dr. Niu highly praised SICFL for its efforts to organize “Fu Lei Cup” University Students’ Translation Competition, set up “Fu Lei’s Life Gallery” and “Sino-Korean Culture & Communication Historical Gallery” and invite the students from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages (Taiwan) to participate in this competition, which has well strengthened the cohesion power among teachers and students. In conclusion, Dr.Niu expressed his sincere hope that by summarizing the experience, this competition will become even better in the days to come with a view to making it a national competition as a long term goal.

Professor Lu Jing spoke highly of the University Students’ Translation Award, stressing the point that this event could not only excite the students’ enthusiasm in their study, make it an effective way for carrying out cooperation among the institutions of higher learning along the Taiwan Strait, but also develop it aplat form for communication among students in tertiary schools. Dr. Huang Cuilin expressed her hope that the students in institutions of higher learning should not only learn from Fu Lei his unremitting efforts to achieve his goals butalso display his spirit in academic pursuit so as to cultivate themselves intothe elite of industry and commerce in future. She also encouraged more communication and cooperation among tertiary schools along Taiwan Strait, amongstudents in particular.

President Professor Zhu Yixin declared the commencement of the 2nd “Fu Lei Cup”University Students’ Translation Award Ceremony and announced the winners. The leaders and professors presented the award to each of the winners. Mr. Wang Shuhua, Director of Fu Lei Research Society also spoke at the ceremony and gaveeach of the winners a recently-published and complete volume of “Fu Lei’sFamily Letters”.

Zhu Canshang, the Sophomore from SICFL and Hong Quyuan, a postgraduate from Wenzao

Ursuline University of Languages (Taiwan), both of whom major in Spanish, were awarded the prize for their translation.

Gu Xiaoyue , a studentfrom the Department of English of SICFL spoke on behalf of all the 13 winners in the competition. “All of the winners are much grateful to SICFL for giving them an opportunity to address the challenge for themselves,” She said. “Through this competition, they have not only acquired much knowledge, but also improved their understanding of the target language,” she was quoted as saying.

During the Awarding Ceremony, the students from the Department of French read aloud in Chinese and French the poem “Pure White Monument” composed by Liu Zaifu, a famous poet in China and two excerpts from “Fu Fei’s Family Letters”. Afterward, another groupof students from French Department sang the famous song of “Les Choristes” in French, which brought the Ceremony to a successful conclusion.   (Contributed by College President’s Office)

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