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The 3rd Pei Huiqing Education Scholarship Awarding Ceremony Held
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On Oct. 22, the most famous dancer of Republicof Korea and the Honorary Professor of Department of Korean along with Mr. HanLiang, an entrepreneur visited Shanghai Industry & Commerce ForeignLanguage College. The guests were warmly welcomed by Professor Zhu Shichang,Vice President of Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College,Professor Jin Dongxun, Director of Sino-Korean Cultural Communication Centerand Professor Jin Zhongtai, Dean of the Department of Korean of SICFL. Theawarding ceremony was held in lecture hall of No. 8 Building.

The Ceremony began with the Korean traditionalmusic performance. In his opening speech, Professor Jin Zhongtai, Dean ofDepartment of Korean,  expressed hisearnest welcome to Madame Pei to come to SICFL and award the scholarship tostudents. On behalf of the College, Vice President, Professor Zhu Shichang madea speech, extending a warm welcome to Madame Pei for her visit and expressingprofound gratitude to Madame Pei for her consistent endeavor in encouraging ourstudents by means of setting scholarship and in helping the development of theKorean Program in our College. In his speech, Mr. Zhu also expressed his hopethat the students in the Korean Program should not only learn the targetlanguage well but also contribute their bit to the Sino-Korean culturalcommunication.

MadamePei also addressed the audience. In her speech, Madame Pei expressed herearnest hope that students should learn well the Korean language so as to playa role of “cultural messenger” in future. After her speech, Madame Peiperformed the Korean traditional dance to the teachers and students, which wasfrequently broken by thunderous applause from the audience. The ScholarshipAwarding Ceremony was concluded in warm clapping. (Contributed by TheDepartment of Korean)

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