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Dr & Professor JinZhongtai
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Dr & Professor JinZhongtai was a Doctorial Supervisor andthe Dean of Korean Department at Fu DanUniversity. His concurrent postsincluded “Managing Director of China’sNon-Universal Language Teaching &Research Association, Director ofSino-Korean Education Research Association. Hestudied at University of Hawaii,U.S.A., Universite Laval and University ofToronto, Canada. Besides, he is a guestprofessor of Chonnam NationalUniversity, Republic of Korea. He was ViceDirector of Research Center ofTeaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, YanbianUniversity, Associate Dean ofthe Chinese Department and Editor-in-Chief of thenational core journal Korean Study. His field ofresearch isContrastive Study of Chinese & Korean Languages & TheirCultures andTranslation. He participated in a number of national researchprojects.

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