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Professor Wang Zhenmin
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Professor Wang Zhenmin is aDoctoral Supervisor, Master of Chinese Culture, China Ancient Garden Expert,artist, Senior Artist & Craftsman, International Senior Landscape Designer(ACI certified), International Commercial Art Class A Designer (ICAD certified),DeputyDirector of the National Industrial Design Professional Guidance Committee,Director of Cross-Discipline Study & Strategic Planning Center, ShanghaiSociety of Landscape. He has published six monographs, undertaken andaccomplished more than 10 research projects of National Natural Science Fund atProvincial and Ministerial Levels and taken charge of dozens of large andmedium-sized planning projects. He has also received more than 10 AcademicAchievement Awards and his works has been included in 《China Ancient & Modern Calligraphers’ HandedWriting》, thus earning thetitle of China Contemporary Outstanding Hundreds of Painting & Calligraphy.He is also the receiver of Gold Prize for “World Academic Contribution Award.”

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