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Computer Art
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The Program of Computer Art isset up to help the students to develop their artistic accomplishment andartistic expression ability including modeling and color, be adept at usingsoftware and instruments for interior space design, display design and commercialspace design and possess the development and management ability in space designas well as the ability in three dimensional dynamic display, the design andpreparation of space models. When they have finished their formal schooling,the students of the Program of Computer Art will be able to work at such postsas “interior space design, commercial space design, exhibition space design,and display & making of effect drawings”. The Program of Computer Artboasts a team of teachers who are very capable of professional practice, haveabundant experience of working in enterprises and exercise effective guidancein developing students’ practical professional expertise.  

The core courses of theProgram of Computer Art include “Color Scheme in Multimedia Materials, DesignSketch, Graphic Research, Photography Research (Photoshop、Coreldraw、Flash、Fireworks、AutoCAD、dream weaver、3DMAX7.0),literature andEnglish” and some other relevant practical training courses. In addition, theProgram attaches much importance to the development of students’ professionalexpertise, demanding its students to take such courses as “Integrated MarketingCommunication, Advertisement Design, Culture Brand Marketing, Management ofDesigning & Planning, Designing of Conference & Exhibition Industry,CIS Design, Chinese Calligraphy, Ink Art, Contemporary Art & Painting,Music Appreciation, Literature Appreciation, Modern Science & Technology,Appreciation of China’s Traditional Arts & Crafts, China’s ClassicPhilosophy, among others.”    

Students of the Program arerequired to obtain the following certificates: “Vocational English Test (Level I),Examination for Multimedia Personnel in Short Supply in Shanghai(Intermediate), Advertising Designer by Shanghai Labor Bureau (Level III)andthey are also encouraged to get International Well-known Vendors’Certification, Adobe for example.

When they have finished theirstudy at SICFL, the students of the Program may be engaged in design work inthe department concerned.

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