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Department of Art Design
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 TheDepartment of Art Design was set up in the year of 2004. After a ten-year-longdevelopment, the Department has already developed a fairly comprehensiveteaching system. At present, under the Department, there are Three Programs,namely “Computer-aided Art Design (the orientation of space design)”,”Film& Television Animation (animation & game preparation)” and “VisualCommunication Art Design”. Currently, there are 13 teachers in the Department,among whom one is a Full Professor, one Associate Professor, five lecturers andeighty percent of the teachers are both good at teaching theoretical coursesand at offering the practical training to students. Besides, there are 5part-time teachers coming from the business circle.

 The Department has approximately 600 registered students and thegraduates’ employment in the past three years has maintained at over 98percent. By introducing the educational concept of “DIY” (do it yourself) andadopting the task-based approach and through workshop, the Department providesstudents with a variety of opportunities to improve their hands-on abilities.Besides, the Department actively carries out communication and exchange amongteachers and students between Institutions of Higher Learning on the mainlandand Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao so as to accelerate the development of its Programs.The students from the Department take an active part in competitions andcontests of various kinds both at Municipal and National Levels and achievedsatisfactory results.  

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