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Department of Literary Study & Legal Affairs
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TheDepartment of Literary Study & Legal Affairs was set up in 2004. Thanks tothe painstaking efforts in the past decade, the Department has accumulated muchexperience and laid groundwork for further development. Currently, theDepartment has the “Program of Secretary in Foreign – Related Enterprises”,“Legal Affairs”, “Chinese (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language)” and “NewsNet-Editing & Preparation”. At present, the Department has 762 registeredstudents and boasts a team of 12 full-time teachers. All the teachers are theholders of Master Degree and one coming back from U.S.A. by holding Ph Degree.One third of the full-time teachers are Associate Professors and one Visiting Professoris a Senior Expert enjoying “Special Government Allowances” from State Council,China’s Cabinet. With the well-structured team in terms of age, some young andmiddle-aged teachers have developed themselves into program leaders with theiroutstanding ability in teaching and educational research while there are alsoteachers who are not only equipped with professional theories but also good athandling practical matters. Needless to say, such a team is quite conducive tothe smooth implementation of teaching reform and research.

It shouldbe noted that in SICFL, the Department has the most “Excellent Courses” byShanghai Municipal Educational Commission, which are “Practice of Secretary”,“Business Etiquette” and “News Interview & Preparation”. The Departmentalso emphasizes the development of students’ ability of dealing with practicalmatters. With its distinctive features, its training base is well-known among Nationaland Local Technical & Vocational Institutions of Higher Learning. Besides,the Department has also been very active in its international collaborationendeavor, having successfully held several large-scale national academicsymposiums, which have not only facilitated the development of its Programs butalso made SICFL more famous.

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