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 After one- year-long preparation, the Department of Business began to enrollits students in September, 2002. Now it has a total number of 1,824 registeredstudents studying in its Programs. So far, the Department has already fostered tenbatches of graduated students who are now working actively in various fields.For years running, the Department has maintained its employment rate of over 97percent. The Program of International Trade is a Key Program among Technical& Vocational Institutions of Higher Learning in Shanghai.

The Department has a well-structured team of teachers, who possess muchroom for potential academic pursuit and development. Currently, the Departmenthas 30 full-time teachers, among whom 3 are Associate Professors, 13 arelecturers. In recent years, the Department has introduced young blood and allthe full-time teachers are the holders of Master Degree.

The Department of Business strongly advocates the educational researchand has achieved a great deal. “The Theory & Practice of InternationalTrade” is an “Excellent Course” by Shanghai Municipal Educational Commission.In accordance with the social needs, the Department continuously adjusts andoptimizes its Program structure, which enables the current five programs totake into shape, namely “International Trade, Logistics Management, Design& Management of Conference & Exhibition (Sino-Australian JointEducation Program), Hotel Management and Accounting”.

 Moreover, the Department of Business pays much attention to developingthe ability of application on the part of students, organizing various kinds ofactivities including contests and competitions. As a result, students haveperformed well in different types of contests and competitions held at the MunicipalLevel.

 By taking into full account the advantage displayed by “Design &Management of Conference & Exhibition (Sino-Australian Joint EducationProject)”, the Department has introduced “incubation” strategy and adopted“DIY” (do it yourself) principle in its staff development, which has muchfacilitated the growth of teaching staff professionally speaking.

 As far as the international collaboration is concerned, the Departmenthas maintained frequent exchange and communication among teachers and studentswith its counterpart in North Melbourne Institute of TAFE. Moreover, theDepartment has stayed in close touch with Niagara University, U.S.A. andAthlone Institute of Technology, Ireland in its collaboration with thesepartner schools. Besides, Sino-American Pilot Project based on the principle ofcredit articulation with Niagara University is in full swing.

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