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Department of Electromechanical Engineering & Informational Technology
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Departmentof Electromechanical Engineering & Informational Technology, which hasthree programs now, was set up in 2001. The Program of Numerical Control Technology,he Program of Electric Automation, The Program of Electric Automation began itsstudent enrolment in 2001, 2003 and 2005 respectively. Starting from 2007, theProgram of Electric Automation started to enroll students majoring AeronauticalMaintenance and the Program of Industrial Design witnessed the freshmenmajoring in Product Modeling. Currently, the Department has 594 registeredstudents and its Numerical Control Technology is a Key Program among Technical& Vocational Institutions of Higher Learning in Shanghai.

 The Department of Electromechanical Engineering & Informational Technologyboasts a team of teachers who are not only professionally competent but alsoassume a high sense of responsiblity for their work. There is a fairly highproportion of teachers who have got Senior Professional Titles.

  “ThePrinciples & Programming of Numerical Control” is an “Excellent Course” inTechnical & Vocational Institutions of Higher Learning in Shanghai. Bytaking into full account the characteristic features of various Programs, theDepartment has established and maintained a very close & harmoniouscollaborative relationship with such well-known enterprises as “ShanghaiVolkswagen” and “Shanghai Roewe” , which has been a huge success. Manystudents, upon finishing their formal education, are directly recruited by theabove two enterprises. The graduates’ employment rate has kept a record of 100percent for many consecutive years.

  In addition,the Department of Electromechanical & Informational Engineering lays stresson the development of ‘DIY’ ability by taking the education of technical skillsas its guiding principle and by compiling the teaching syllabus with the focuson what is tested in vocational certificate examination in accordance with thedistinctive features of technical & vocational education. As a result, theDepartment of Electromechanical & Informational Engineering enjoys a highprestige among technical & vocational institutions in Shanghai for itsstudents have won most of the Special and the First Prizes in the competitionsheld by Pudong New Area and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Despitewhat it has achieved, the Department of Electromechanical & InformationalEngineering never ceases its endeavor in educational reform. Staring from thesecond half of 2012, the Department and the Department of German began tocollaborate with each other in offering the course of Spoken German to thosewho are able to learn more in addition to their compulsory subjects, which hasgained much popularity among the students of the Department.

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