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The Department of Japanese
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The Department of Japanese had itsfirst enrolment of students in September, 2001, therefore it was the earliestand the then largest program of its type among Technical & Vocational Institutionsof Higher Learning in Shanghai. At present, the Department has 635 registeredfull-time students and boasts a team of more than 20 full-time teachers, amongwhom two are Associate Professors. Most teachers have acquired an experience ofstudying in tertiary schools and/or working experience in enterprises in Japan,which is an invaluable asset to ensure the high standard of language teaching.In addition, the Department recruits two native Japanese to teach on along-term basis.

  TheProgram of Japanese is set up to help students to acquire required professionalworking ethics, fairly strong and comprehensive ability to apply the targetlanguage, the ability to use the modern informational technology so that theycould engage themselves in import and export trade, undertake on-the-spotinterpretation, handle business correspondence and provide customer service inJapanese-funded enterprises and/or in Foreign Service Outsourcing Enterprises.

In the meantime, the teachers in theDepartment also attach much importance to carrying out educational research, compilingseveral textbooks in the capacity of editor-in-chief or assistanteditor-in-chief.

 The Department of Japanese lays much stress on the internationalcooperation, having established cooperative relations with Osaka University of Economics & Law, BAIKA Women’s University, Kyushu Kyoritsu University, Japan and maintained closeties with these institutions. Every year, there are about 20 students from theDepartment to go to partner schools to undertake Bridge Program and even morestudents take advantage of summer vacations to go to Japanese partner schoolsto take part in “Summer Camps”, to get cultural experience or take course-basedstudy. These endeavors, needless to say, have greatly facilitated students’ability of applying their knowledge and skills of applying the target language.

  Last but not the least, the students fromthe Department are quite active in participating in various kinds of contestsor competitions held at the Municipal or National Levels and have won manyFirst Prizes in “Japanese Speech Contest”, “Japanese Film Dubbing Competition”and “Japanese Song Singing Competition”.

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