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Department of German
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The Departmentof German was set up in 2001 when SICFL was founded. After more than a decadeof development, the Applied German has now become a Key Program among Technical& Vocational Institutions of Higher Learning in Shanghai. Currently, theDepartment has 445 registered students and the number of graduated studentsfrom the Program in the past decade reached more than 2,600.

 There are altogether 16 full-time teachers inthe Department, among whom one is Full professor and Academic advisor, two FullProfessors, one Associate Professor and 3 lecturers. Besides, 5 teachers havegot the Master Degree and one teacher has been awarded Ph Degree by a Germantertiary school. More importantly, most of the teachers in the Department arefrom national top tertiary schools like Beijing International StudiesUniversity, Shanghai International Studies University and other key universitiesin China including Nanjing University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, toname just a few. Four teachers were graduated from tertiary schools in Germanand many of the teachers have got the working experience in the fields ofbusiness and science and technology. The Department has also invited a nativeGerman as its full-time teacher on long-term basis.

The Department of German is keen onpromoting its international cooperation with overseas tertiary schools, havingestablished close collaborative relations withFachhochschule Nordhessen, Munich Sprachen und Dolmetscher Institut,German and F + U Academy of Technical & Vocational Training, German. Manystudents have been therefore able to have opportunities to go to theseinstitutions to have course-based study or get intensive language training. Asa result, the students’ ability to apply what they have learned has improvedtremendously. The students from the Department of German have got “The FirstPrize Award” in German Speech Contest among National Technical & VocationalInstitutions of Higher Learning for two consecutive years.

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