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Department of Spanish
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The Program of Applied Spanish had its first enrolment of thestudents in 2005 and developed itself into Department of Spanish in September,2012. It has the registered students of 377 and the graduated students number480. Currently ,the Department Dean is Professor Chen Kaixian, a retiredProfessor from Nanjing University. There are altogether 13 teaching staff inthe Department, among whom one is a Full Professor and five are lecturers. Moreimportantly, 54 percent of the young teachers, who come from famous tertiaryschools both at home and abroad and have got Master Degree, have much potentialfor further development. The Department of Spanish pays much heed to the developmentof its praiseworthy Department style. By fully observing the guiding principleof “laying a solid foundation and giving a top priority to the training oflistening and speaking on the part of students”, the Department has alreadycreated a favorable atmosphere for students to learn.

  In addition, the Department of Spanish hasbeen enthusiastic about the development of international cooperation. So far,it has established cooperative relationship with UniversidadAutonoma de Barcelona, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Universidad Alcala andUniversidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, carrying out the frequent exchangeactivities among teachers and students. Moreover, the Department holds avariety of cultural festivals and activities aiming at introducing the targetculture in Spain and in other Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. It hasbeen proved that these activities have provided students with a platform wherestudents can show their talents and improve their ability in applying what theyhave learned.

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