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The Department of English now boasts a team of 46 full-time andpart-time teachers, among whom 2 are Full Professors and one Full Professorworks on the part-time basis. Besides, there are two Associate Professors and 6overseas full-time and part-time teachers coming from the United States ofAmerica, Canada, Ireland, among others. Among the full-time teachers, 85percent are the holders of Master Degree and 70 percent have participated inthe technical and vocational training held by Ministry of Education, receivingthe certificates for being qualified to offer theoretical teaching and offerpractical ability training for students.

While undertaking teaching, the teachers from the Department ofEnglish are quite active in carrying out educational research, the compiling oftextbooks of various types for example. So far, as many as 20 textbooks havebeen published thanks to the joint collaboration of the Department Faculty. Thetextbook 《The Practical Course for English Listening& Speaking in Tertiary Schools》was awarded “The Third Prize for ExcellentTextbooks” in Shanghai in 2007. The November, 2007 saw the official approval ofthe research item 《The Training of Listening & SpeakingSkills in English Teaching in Situational Context》asa project subsidized by National Social Science Fund. The Program of AppliedEnglish is a Key Program under construction among Technical & Vocational Institutionsin Shanghai. In 2012, the Department of English was privileged to have beenincluded as “Excellent Teaching Team” by Shanghai Municipal EducationalCommission. Two teachers have received “The Award for Master Teachers” and “TheAward for Cultivating Talents” respectively. Moreover, the core course “BusinessEnglish Communication” has been selected as an “Excellent Course Under Construction”.

Thanks to the sound instruction andpersistent training by teachers, the students from the Department of Englishhave done SICFL a lot of credit by being awarded “Special Prizes” , “The FirstPrizes” , “The Second Prizes” for many times in contests for English majorstudents among Technical & Vocational Institutions both at Municipal andNational Levels.

Currently, the registered students number 1,357 and the graduateemployment rate has kept 100 percent for years running. Its employment rate whichsuits students’ special training ranks the top among Programs of the same kindamong Institutions of Higher learning. In addition, the Department of Englishis keen on promoting international cooperation. It has establishedcollaborative relations with Northumbria University, U.K. and Athlone Instituteof Technology, Ireland and maintained close ties with them. Every year, manystudents go to these partner institutions and other overseas tertiary schools eitherfor course-based study or for Bridge Programs.

The Depart of English takes the fullest advantage of what the metropolisof Shanghai can offer, encouraging and sending its students to go abroad toparticipate in practice in themed parks and entertainment centers in U.S.A. forexample with a view to gaining and experiencing the first-hand target culture.Besides, the Department of English never misses any opportunity to provide itsstudents with various chances to take part in international festivals, events,exhibitions and conferences such as “ATP1000”, “Shanghai International SwimmingChampionships”, “UNESCO The Third International Technical & VocationalEducation Conference” to work as volunteers, through which students have notonly broadened their horizon but also enhanced their ability of application ofthe target language.

The program of Applied English pays much heed to the reform inexploring and settling the orientation of the professional expertise on thepart of students. Currently, it has been unanimously decided among the Facultythat “Secretary in Foreign-related Enterprises”, “Tourist Guide for OverseasVisitors & Tourists” and “International Trade” be the focus of professionaltraining so as to enhance students’ competitiveness in future employment.

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